Such a deal!


Wheeling a shopping cart through Costco piled high with enormous bottles of olive oil and 24 can cases of tuna fish.
That’s what most of us think of buying in bulk.
Groupon is looking to change that with its bargain-hunting meets social media mashup.

Each day Groupon sends out an offer to its subscribers. The deal is usually a discount of 50% or more off of products or services. While not exclusively food and beverage offers, they are all about lifestyle; spa services, show tickets, museum memberships, and sporting events are sprinkled in with casual and fine dining options, half-priced pizzas, and gourmet grocery specials.

The discounts are exceptional. They are negotiated through collective buying and are only activated if Groupon delivers a specified number of customers to the vendor. The total of would-be buyers has to reach that day’s sales target by midnight for everyone to get the discount, encouraging subscribers to share the deal with family and friends via social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. If the number falls short, the deal expires.

Just a year old Groupon has already sold 687,053 coupons to its base of one million subscribers. Groupon currently operates in about 30 cities and regularly adds new areas to its coverage.

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  2. JB says:

    This looks really cool, thank you for sharing this idea. I had never seen this before and am interested in learning more about these Groupons. Hope all is well!

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