Spending a Bundle? See how you stack up.


Are you a dine-now-pay-later Life-a-holic? A first-on-the-scene Thrill Jockey angling for the hottest table in town? Or more of a Proud Provider, cooking dinners at home so you can feather the nest?

Bundle is a new social-media website for personal money management that puts you in touch with your inner spender. It’s a joint venture of Microsoft MSN, Citigroup, and the investment research folks at Morningstar that in their minds offers information and tools to help people spend more wisely, but to the rest of us it’s a chance to see how the other half really lives. And eats.

At the heart of Bundle is a feature called Everybody’s Money that allows users to compare their personal budgets to the average spending breakdowns of various demographic groups. Punch in a few criteria and find out how your neighbors are spending their cash. The lifestyle data include details about grocery shopping, dining out, and even which restaurants are frequented by the various demographics. You could, for example, set filters for location, age, gender, and marital status to find out where the single men like to dine in your neighborhood; or calibrate for income to see where families on tight budgets are taking their kids.

Bundle is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can share discoveries with your contacts in the bubble graphic form favored on the website, or engage with other Bundle users in your community and beyond. There’s advice and editorial content from MSN Money and Morningstar, a quiz to determine your spending profile, and an iPhone app/shopping game called Vice Tracker.

So you think you eat out a lot? You should see what your neighbors are spending!


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