Single-Serve Cup ‘o Wine Flies Off Shelves

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Grocery stores in England are struggling to keep up with customer demand for Le Froglet. Basically a lunchbox pudding cup with a stem, Le Froglet is a single-serve plastic goblet of French wine with a tear-off lid.

Once you get past the imprudence of introducing yet another single-use, disposable plastic item into the waste stream, it is easy to understand the product’s appeal, in a down-market kind of way. The convenience and freedom of glass- and corkscrew-free portability even outweighs the less than stellar reviews received by the wines.

Single-serve Le Froglet almost didn’t see the light of day.

The product started life as fodder for a popular British reality TV show. BBC’s Dragons’ Den features inventors and would-be entrepreneurs pitching new business concepts to a cast of five multi-millionaires who are seeking investments. Winning pitches secure funding from the ‘dragons’ in exchange for a stake in the business.

In a field of spill-proof doggie dishes, ride-on wheeled luggage, and eco-friendly salmon skin wallets, wine glasses to-go did not impress the investors. But their inventor bounced back from the very public rejection to successfully pitch the glasses to retailer Marks & Spencer. Branded as M&S Le Froglet, the wine is available through the chain’s supermarkets, specialty stores, and website.

Chardonnay and plastic: not exactly a classic wine pairing.

The glass you drink from really does affect the taste of the wine. When we are talking about a modest wine like Le Froglet, the subtleties of a glass’s ability to regulate oxidation levels and concentrate the bouquet become irrelevant. But even an undistinguished wine suffers when served in plastic, which strips it of flavor and aroma leaving a tart, slightly vinegary taste. Still, the popularity of Le Froglet among commuters, picnickers, and b.y.o.b. restaurant-goers guarantees that we will soon be seeing snack pack-style wines on these shores.

For a thorough but light-hearted overview of the niceties of wine service, Wine for the Confused can be viewed on Hulu. The documentary, hosted by former Monty Pythoner John Cleese, covers the fine points of purchasing, storing, sampling, and outright enjoying wine .

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  2. Now I must admit I very rarely post on blogs but I found this interesting.

  3. I could see the possibility of picnic fare…? Interesting post, as always:)

  4. ++MIRA++ says:

    i read about this and thought, wow, ppl must really wana get drunk. like u said, wine and plastic doesnt sound good, but drinking it on the way home in a subway or something not too bad

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