Reality TV Casting Calls

Who wants to be a TV chef?

There’s no big secret to getting yourself cast on a reality TV cooking show.
Take a gander at the current crop of performing cooks and chefs; clearly it’s not all about looks.
Think relaxed, witty, self-effacing, totally credible, at the top of your game—your true self, only better, like the Brits on Academy Award night.
The opportunities are out there if you’re willing to regularly check industry websites, send out a bunch of applications, maybe toss in a little home video, and show up at open casting calls.

We seem to have an insatiable appetite for food shows, and it’s matched by the cable channels need for reliable, inexpensive programming.
Be a chef. Or just play one on TV. Here are the new shows that are currently casting:

The people behind the quality Top Chef franchise are casting for a potential new Bravo series. They’re looking for chefs of any level in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin who “have a lifelong love affair with food, a passion for creating visually impressive dishes and a desire for adventure. Email with your bio plus a recent photo.

If Top Chef is at the top of the reality television heap, we have to climb down more than a few rungs for the new show from the Kitchen Nightmares/Celebrity Fit Club producers. Kind of a Kitchen Fit Club. they are looking for overweight food workers from all over the industry—chefs, waiters, school lunch line ladies—you name it. If you work with food and you’re at least 75 pounds overweight and don’t mind flaunting it in spandex workout gear on national television, you can download an application from the production company website.

Not overweight? Not a food industry worker? You might be just right to host a show about healthy cooking. This is a collaboration between the Cooking Channel and Good Housekeeping magazine, and they are looking for the big personality and an individual who has conquered weight issues through healthy cooking and eating. Email your story and pics to

There’s no cooking necessary for a new show featuring inventors and their food-related innovations. You need to have a camera-ready prototype that involves any aspect of growing, processing, preparing, storing, serving, or disposing of food. Pitch your burrito-on-a-stick or carrot-powered flashlight at the Lucky Dog website.

Kristina’s Fearless Kitchen will help the klutzy and inept get past their kitchen hangups. The Kristina of the show is the winner of an Oprah-sponsored host-your-own-cooking-show contest. If Kristina’s life sounds like a dream come true, you can nominate yourself or a friend at

Other new shows in various stages of production include a look at people who eat non-food items like soap and sofa cushions; Taste of Humanity, in which Megachurch pastor Phil Hotsenpiller and his wife, Tammy cook dinner with Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists; and two food shows from the Jersey Shore team. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Instead of 15 minutes of fame, maybe we all get our own cooking show.


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2 Responses to Reality TV Casting Calls

  1. Amy Kim says:

    I’ve been known to watch a few of these shows. I already started my own show with a few cooking vids!

    BTW – it’s been a while since i’ve been here….nice new digs!!

  2. Obviously, “someone” did make these up.

    Two things come to mind and somewhat frightening as well…

    1. Will “Snookie” be cooking on that one from the JS creators?

    2. What happen to the toothless chef wannabe that fried up some “gator” for Gordon Ramsey? AND made it 2 rounds deep on that show 🙂

    Oh, and did I mention that I “accidentally” (sic) watched some of the above mentioned?

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