Private Label Beer

House beer makes its move.

We have grown comfortable with the concept of house wines. Gone are the days of wine by-the-glass or carafe whose only virtue was a low price. House wines today are more likely to be high quality bottlingsĀ  that are selected for their ability to complement the menu. Now we see restaurants doing the same for beer.

Top chefs like Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller are lavishing the kind of attention on beer that is usually reserved for wine. They are hiring beer sommeliers to oversee beer lists, selecting specific brews to pair with menu items, and partnering with breweries to craft exclusive, one-of-a-kind beers.

Private label beer is nothing new in other parts of the world. Its market share approaches 20% of the market in France and Spain.

Private label beer is recession-friendly all around. The restaurateur, working directly with a craft brewer, sees higher profit margins from bypassing wholesalers and beer distributors. Brewers are spared the marketing costs associated with the brand. And customers often see some of the costs savings passed along, or at least are assured of a special quaff at a competitive price.

Rate A Beer’s Beer Finder will locate taverns and restaurants in your area where you can sample custom-made, proprietary beer.

Great Brewers’ online sommelier function will masterfully pair beer with any ingredient, flavor, or dish you specify. The website can then direct you to the nearest restaurant where you can sample that pairing.

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