Night Owls Rejoice.

Open 24 Hours 23 x 23 Neon Sign

Jet lag. Insomnia. Jonesing for a a 3 am patty melt.

Whatever the reason, it’s an ungodly hour and you’re awake. And hungry.
It used to be that you’d get in your car and drive around looking for the neon light of a diner, flashing its greasy beacon of all-night dining. But now we have, a map-based site that features businesses that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2itch is not the first to tackle the subject. Most online city guides include late night dining as a search parameter. But 2itch has done it best, building an extensive, reliable, nationwide database, with listings fully screened and verified by their staff. The site is searchable by zip code, address, or dining category (drive through,bar, food & fuel) with reviews, recommendations, and an interactive map.

2itch has captured the mood of late night wanderings with its companion space 2itchtalk, a forum where contributors post their own listings, share their nocturnal adventures, and banter about topics like why 7-Eleven would need locks on their doors if they never close. There is also the added utility of non-culinary listings like hospital emergency rooms, 24-hour veterinary clinics, and bail bondsmen– all of the wee hour essentials.


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