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Sexy ovo-lacto vegetarian on the hunt for the perfect creme brulee.

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Would you date someone who doesn’t like Chinese Food? Or chocolate? Or wine?
What if you’re chevre on a crusty baguette and they’re Velveeta on white? You’re low carbs and they’re pancake breakfasts?

Forget about personality types, pheromones, and horoscope signs; true compatibility is all about the food.

This past spring, the Chicago-based Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation engaged nearly 3,000 people in a survey of food preferences. Participants completed standardized comprehensive psychiatric and personality tests and the results were matched with the food preferences of individuals and their romantic partners. The study revealed a strong statistical correlation between sandwich choices, personality types, and stable, romantic relationships.

Ξ The Club
Individuals who prefer the club sandwich are agreeable, reliable, loyal, and generous. They make solid romantic partners.
Club sandwich fans are most compatible with each other or with those who choose BLT’s or turkey sandwiches.

Ξ Ham and Cheese
Lovers of ham and cheese sandwiches are creative and curious with wide-ranging interests. While they can be thoughtful partners they often prefer independence over relationships.

Ξ Turkey
Free-thinkers tend to be fond of turkey sandwiches. Independent, rebellious even, they need to be given a lot of space in relationships, and often choose other turkey sandwich lovers.

Ξ Tuna fish
Aggressive, achievement-oriented, natural leaders often go for tuna fish sandwiches. They mesh well with the egg salad crowd, but can often find sparks with other tuna fish folks.

Ξ Egg salad
Fans of egg salad are the showmen of the sandwich eaters. They are high energy, crave adventure and attention, and can be deeply romantic. They are the universal lovers, compatible with all kinds of sandwich eaters.

Ξ Chicken salad
Easy-going and empathic, chicken salad sandwich eaters are especially well-adjusted. They pair well with the highly emotional egg salad eaters.

Ξ Seafood salad
Giving and agreeable, those who choose seafood salad sandwiches are happiest in close, secure relationships. They value commitment and loyalty, and are drawn to solid partnerships with other seafood salad lovers and BLT fans.

Love the bacon, lettuce, and tomato? Love home and hearth as well. Those who favor BLT’s bring honesty and integrity to all things. They are conscientious and devoted partners who pair best with commitment-friendly seafood sandwich lovers.

Fortunately, the online world is full of places to find your food match.

If you just can’t kiss lips that touch meat, try vegetarian dating. VeggiDate can introduce you to newly-minted vegetarians who still eat fish, strict vegans, macrobiotic and organic-only vegetarians, and raw foodists. Between Foodloversonline and Singlegourmetdating you can line up a dinner date in your hometown or pretty much anywhere around the globe. Maybe you’d rather eat in? Try dating a chef.
Gluten-free? Oenophile. Each has its own online community.

There are 40 billion sandwiches consumed each year in the United States. What kind of sandwich are you?

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