Mike Tyson: Vegan Role Model ?!

[billboard: Sunset Boulevard and Doheny Drive, West Hollywood, California]

Mike Tyson snacked on Evander Holyfield’s ear. He threatened to make a meal of Lennox Lewis’ children. He is perhaps the planet’s most notorious flesh-eater.

But these days there’s nothing meatier than a seitan cutlet in his George Foreman Grill.

Mike Tyson: holier than thou?

Vegans have a reputation for self-righteous arrogance. They are in the trenches combating  environmental degradation and world hunger through personal deprivation and self-sacrifice. They can claim moral superiority over meat-eaters for the greater compassion they show to animals.

Does this mean we want to be like Mike?
He’s a man known for brutality in and out of the ring, he has been dogged by a string of charges for assault and spousal abuse, and has served time in prison for a rape conviction, drug possession, and DUI. Currently embroiled in a PETA controversy for pigeon racing(?), he is hardly the poster boy for a compassionate diet.

Iron Mike, not iron deficient.

But then again, he can be a heck of a role model for the healthfulness of the vegan diet. Vegans have labored under a wimpy, neo-hippie label for far too long. The robust, bulked-up physique of an elite athlete can invalidate lingering misconceptions about meatless diets.

Real men do eat plants.

Bill Clinton’s a vegan; even Glenn Beck gave it a shot this spring.
Has your manly man gone green too? Learn to spot the tell-tale signs: Brace Yourself: Your Man Might be a Vegan.

Politicians, movie stars, scientists, pop stars, and athletes; vegans come from all walks of life: check out The VeganWolf’s list of herbivores.


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5 Responses to Mike Tyson: Vegan Role Model ?!

  1. Bereji says:

    “However, for many of us, the decision to make use of animal products is a well-considered one, and the manner in which we practice it is not given the respect that it also deserves.”

    Why exactly should the decision to make use of animal products be given respect? You can’t have your non-vegan cake and eat it, too. While Veganism does not solve the world’s problems (there are too few of us out there to make a real difference), a Vegan lifestyle is kinder to our planet, the animals and our own body-mind. Why should I give respect to someone’s decision , well-considered or not, to choose an unkind lifestyle?

  2. Janice says:

    Eye of the beholder, I suppose.
    I did state that vegans are truly taking a moral high road, doing more for the planet than the rest of us. And i firmly believe that.
    However, for many of us, the decision to make use of animal products is a well-considered one, and the manner in which we practice it is not given the respect that it also deserves.

  3. Joseph says:

    “Vegans have a reputation for self-righteous arrogance.”

    I think you mean, “Many meat-eaters feel insecure and paranoid around vegans, and respond by accusing them of self-righteous arrogance for simply stating their humble beliefs.”

  4. BestOodles says:

    Great article! Yeah you are right his ad does not convince me to be vegan.

  5. Jazz Rules says:

    Iron Mike is certainly an eccentric man. When you watch his documentary there is a part where he is getting emotional and starts making weird noises while fighting back tears. He refuses to cry. I pity the fool that messes with Mike.

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