Mike Tyson is the Ideal Vegan Role Model



Mike Tyson was once the planet’s most notorious flesh eater. 
He snacked on Evander Holyfield’s ear. He threatened to make a meal of Lennox Lewis’ children.
But these days there’s nothing meatier than a seitan cutlet sizzling on his George Foreman Grill.

Mike Tyson: vegan role model?
He’s a man known for brutality in and out of the ring. He’s been dogged by a string of charges for assault and spousal abuse, and served time in prison for rape, drug possession, and DUI.
He’s hardly the poster boy for a compassionate diet.

Mike Tyson didn’t come to veganism in the usual way.
The vegan diet requires personal deprivation and self-sacrifice. The commitment tends to be inspired by compassion for animals and a moral imperative to combat environmental degradation and world hunger. Mike Tyson describes his own conversion this way:
“I really got tired of every time my prostitute girlfriend came back from a trip I had to sleep with her, so I said you know, I’m going to live a different life.”

Iron Mike, not iron deficient.
The reality is Mike Tyson can be a heck of a role model for the the vegan lifestyle. His brutish reputation stands in rebuke to the old vegan stereotype of bunny-cuddling, tree-hugging sensitive souls. His virile, bulked-up physique speaks of the robust healthfulness of the vegan diet.

Vegans come from all walks of life.
Check out the politicians, movie stars, scientists, pop stars, and athletes on the VeganWolf’s list of herbivores.



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