Meat Loaf for Dinner? Better Check Your Food Horoscope.

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Some people turn to astrology with questions about jobs, romance, or the auspiciousness of timing for a life-changing decision. Some just want to know what to make for dinner.

A taste of the zodiac: where gastro meets astro
In a little-known corner of metaphysics you’ll find culinary astrology. Believers subscribe to the notion that your sun sign predicts food preferences, explains cravings, and defines your cooking style. Cosmic recommendations can keep you healthy, guide menu planning, and help you choose a restaurant for Saturday night. The discipline had a moment of mainstream acceptance in the 1980’s when Gourmet Magazine ran an ongoing column titled A Taste of Astrology. Today, it’s seeing a bit of a revival with a pack of online astro-foodologists to advise dietary regimens for every sign and every cuisine.

What’s your food sign?
Culinary astrology tells us that Aries likes it hot, spicy, and on the table fast.
Libra has a sweet tooth.
Aquarius will show up late for dinner, but Pisces will get there early and be ready to help in the kitchen. Sagittarius will be the last to leave the table but the first to hit the gym afterwards.
Virgo wants to know where everything comes from and how it’s been prepared, while Scorpio seeks the exotic and unfamiliar.
Taurus is the sensualist of the group, taking intense pleasure in the food; Gemini relishes the conversation as much as the meal.
Cancer is all about comfort food and big family dinners, while Capricorn likes traditional foods in a formal setting.

Here’s where you can go to consult your food horoscope:

We all struggle with the perennial question of what’s for dinner. Your Daily Foodscope from Delish has the answer. You’ll find out if the stars are aligned for tonight’s beef stroganoff, plus you can link to a recipe from Delish’s vast collection.

If you’ve got a metaphysical bent and a Type A personality you can get a full week’s worth of food readings from and plan ahead with one great big shopping list.

Wines have birth years just like you and me. We call them vintages, but hey, why can’t they be ruled by the stars too?  If you crossed a sommelier and an astrologer you’d end up with something a lot like Zodiac Astrology Online where the Sauvignon Blanc might not pair well with the pasta but it goes great with a Gemini.

He’s a chef. He’s an astrologer. Martin Montes holds degrees from both the French Culinary Institute and the American Federation of Astrologers. He offers recipes and readings at Cosmic Cuisine, where you can ‘dine on the fruits of the cosmos’ with a personal consultation.

Do your part to advance the science of culinary astrology. Celestial Living Arts is building a database to document the connection between astrology and food. You can help by adding your personal dining do’s and don’ts along with the time and place of your birth at the Me and My Foods Survey.


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