Maya Angelou: A Multi-Hyphenated Life

Author-poet-teacher-filmmaker-actor-activist-cookbook author

Yes, cookbook author.
It’s really not so surprising. Food is art, communication, nourishment, connection. It touches the soul, is a catalyst of social transformation, and encompasses the whole of human history.

Angelou called cooking a natural extension to her autobiography.
Of her early lessons, learned on a wood-burning stove in her grandmother’s kitchen, she said:

It just tells you that somebody’s there before you. The tradition of cooking and serving the breakfast, the main dinner, and even something light in the evening, like yogurt and cornbread, like my grandmother used to do, it tells me that I’ve come from somebody. It didn’t just start with me.

Maya Angelou became a talented home cook who reveled in hearty, substantial dishes like crown roasts, meat pies, and stews. She called fried chicken her favorite comfort food, especially when it was cooked in her mother’s ancient cast iron skillet and served with greens and cornbread. She also had a weakness for Hebrew National hot dogs washed down with an ice-cold Corona. Angelou’s kitchen philosophy is summed up in her 1983 poem The Health-Food Diner:

...No sprouted wheat and soya shoots
And Brussels in a cake,
Carrot straw and spinach raw,
(Today, I need a steak)...

Dr. Maya Angelou: a joyful soul; a heroic spirit; a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace; an unapologetic lover of food.

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