Lunchtime: Death by Internet

The British newspaper The Telegraph recently published a list of 50 things that are being killed by the Internet.

The list itemized some of the bygone civilities that we will miss: handwritten letters (#12); the pleasures of flipping through a photo album (#15): or listening to a record all the way through (#3). There were relics we haven’t noticed in years: telephone directories (#8); footnotes instead of links (#47); and street corner prostitution (#45). And a few significant losses that could drive a person to Ludditism: punctuality (#5); memory (#13); privacy (#31); and enforceable copyright protection (#22).

The list contained just a single example from the food world: #50 – lunch breaks.

While it’s not time to bang the last nail in its coffin, the lunch break is indeed on the wane. Nearly half of all American office workers eat lunch at their desks three times a week; about a quarter of them do so everyday.

So much time. So much money. And so many interesting things to do online. Why bother going out? So grab that brown bag and chill out in your cubicle with these lunchtime diversions: is an online shopping mall with more than 600 affiliated merchants. There are ‘big box retailers,’ traditional department stores, and too many shops with juniors’ clothing and sneakers- just like a real mall.

No installations, no downloads, and all of the free games over at LunchBreakGames are compatible with any platform, operating system, or web browser. Play through an anonymous guest account and it leaves no trace. Or visit the Productivity Reduction Discovery Center for 1001 office diversions in categories like Meeting Survival, Pranks, and Xtreme Office Sports.

There’s the Working Lunch internet radio show (half-hour sketch comedy segments) and the Working Lunch internet TV show (business news and personal finance),

A lunch hour is plenty of time for a Mensa Workout or a self-scoring IQ test.

Gaze at the with envy as your fellow workers reach 5:00 around the globe.

Are you being paid what you’re worth? See how your salary stacks up with others in your field, or match your rate against the celebrity payday calculator to see what you would earn in Albert Pujols or Mary Kate and Ashley dollars.

And best of all, calculate the small fortune you can amass by brown-bagging it with the lunch savings calculator. But be warned, 32% of office workers confess to taking something from the fridge that didn’t belong to them.

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