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Hackers have a bad reputation.

We think of disaffected, anti-social teenagers looking to wreak a little havoc on society, and bottom-rung hoodlums in former eastern bloc countries trolling online for credit cards.

Hackers with a higher calling.

Wikipedia defines hacking as re-configuring or re-programming to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable. Hackers are credited with vast improvements to functionality. They devise elegant solutions that elevate clumsy technology to an art form.

Nefarious criminal uses, according to Wikipedia, are more correctly called ‘cracking’.

The hacker’s ethic and aesthetic has been co-opted by a variety of groups outside of the tech community where hacking is equated with hands-on pragmatism. The term life hacking is applied to any clever, non-traditional improvement to personal organization, work processes, or issues of personal productivity.

Hackers are everywhere.

Pick a noun. Follow it by ‘hack’ and Google the combination. I’ll bet there is a blog out there just brimming with tips and hints and suggestions.

The following is a sorted, selected, and edited list of websites offering food, cooking, and kitchen hacks. Think of it as a list hack.

Life Hackery offers up time-tested kitchen wisdom with its list of 50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen.

No time for grocery shopping? Tip Nut gives equivalencies and substitutions for improvisational cooking.

Make panini without a sandwich press. Put the red in red velvet cupcakes without food coloring. The Kitchn is full of little tricks for inspired cooking.

Instructables can help you to class up your home entertaining with step-by-step instructions for making rainbow vodka with Skittles and edible shot glasses from gummi bears.

DIY Life will whip your kitchen into shape with its instructions for things like stove top tuneups and new uses for aluminum foil.

Cooking for Geeks and Cooking for Engineers are full of clever cooking shortcuts and they give you the why along with the how.

Read Culinary Tips before you shop. Advice about purchasing cooking equipment, pantry staples, and produce- plus what to do with them- comes from professional cooks.

Slashfood features a Tip of the Day.

Who knew yogurt had so many uses? Every one of them was submitted to Serious Eats when the site solicited food hacks from readers.

The granddaddy of life hacking sites is, of course, Lifehacker, which tackles a wide range of food, cooking, and kitchen topics.


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