Julia Child’s French Country Home Might Be the Foodiest Airbnb Listing Ever

Julia at La Pitchoune image via the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe

Julia at La Pitchoune
image via the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College


3BR, 4BA, and Oh, that kitchen.
La Pitchoune, the Provencal cottage Julia Child and her husband built in the ’60s, has new owners who plan to turn it into a cooking school and culinary retreat. In the meantime, they’re offering it as a vacation rental on Airbnb. Listed for around $600 a night, it’s described as A space to cook, commune, explore, and walk the footsteps of culinary greats.

OMG Chez Julia.
Child devotees are vibrating with excitement over this: Julia shopped the local markets, drinking the wines and cooking the rustic dishes of the region. She and Paul spent part of every year at La Pitchoune where their dinner party guest lists read like a Who’s Who of the French-American food world. The equivalent of a culinary G8 Summit took place during a 1970 La Pitchoune get-away that serendipitously gathered James Beard, Richard Olney, Judith Jones, Simone Beck, and M. F. K. Fisher, whose seminal table talk, documented in the book Provence, 1970, helped define the modern American food movement, reshaping the cuisine and culture for decades.

It’s Julia’s kitchen, pegboard and all.
The kitchen at La Pitchoune was designed by Julia’s husband, Paul, and modeled on the one in their house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. That one is in the Smithsonian, but this one has the same high countertops to accommodate Julia’s six foot two frame, and the same array of kitchen tools on the same pegboard walls on which Paul painted the outlines of the implements. The current owners installed a drop camera fixed on the utensils to ensure that the priceless artifacts are all returned to their rightful positions.

The house is set on a scenic hillside about a half-hour’s drive from the Côte d’Azur, with a stone terrace, swimming pool, and olive trees and rosemary bushes all around. But really, does any of that even matter?



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