It’s a Hamburger Nation, and We’re Just Living in It

 Hamburger America, the film, the book, the blog, the photo gallery, the app

We’re not just a hamburger nation; we’re a bigger and a better hamburger nation than we were just a few short years ago.

We have burger momentum across the boards.
The old-school, classic burger joints are thriving in small towns and downtowns. At the same time the ‘gourmet’ burger has found a legitimate place on high-end menus where it’s being made from fresh grinds of prime beef cuts and served on quality breads and buns. They’re being accompanied by a dizzying array of pickles and condiments that are crafted with renewed creativity and attention to detail. There’s even a fast-food burger revival led by chains like  In-N-Out, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Smashburger, The Counter, and Shake Shack, all serving serious but unpretentious burgers.

Much of the credit for the better-burger boom goes to George Motz.
He’s not a chef or a butcher or a restaurateur. He isn’t a farmer or a cookbook author. But he’s done more to spread the gospel of the better-burger than all of them combined.

Hamburger America is Motz’s James Beard nominated documentary film that tells the stories of eight unique hamburger restaurants (well, joints) around the country. They’re all real mom-and-pop places that have been around 40 years or more, and the food at each one has nearly as much character as the characters who populate them.

Hamburger America (the book) is a state-by-state guide to the 150 best hamburgers in America. It’s an essential read for burger lovers and seekers, and the pilgrimages it has inspired have raised the profile of dozens of struggling businesses, helping to preserve our hamburger heritage.

Burger Bites is Motz’s web series of short films. Each episode explores a single locale or subject like Kate’s First Burger (That’s right, 27 and she’s never had one, and no, she’s not a vegetarian) and Odd Griddles and Techniques (poached hamburger?!).

Hamburger America (the blog)– further exploits.

Burger GPS –wherever you are, this mobile app will direct you to the best burger.

He’s also busied himself devising hamburger heritage curriculum for colleges and founding wildly successful food film festivals in Chicago and New York.
Next up—Burger Land, a hamburger-focused series being filmed for the Travel Channel.

According to Technomic, 48% of us eat at least one burger a week. Just three years ago, that number was 38%.

You’ll find links to the book, the film, the blog, and more at Hamburger America.
The Burger Land pilot will air on the Travel Channel on September 2 at 7:00 and 7:30.


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