Ice Cream Machines that Measure Happiness

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Would you rather have ice cream when you’re happy or when you’re sad?

The Dr. Whippy Ice Cream Machine diagnoses your mood-based ice cream needs and dispenses a dose accordingly. Dr. Whippy asks a series of questions, and using voice stress analysis, interprets the responses to gauge the user’s mood. An appropriate quantity of ice cream is dispensed based on need— just a dollop to the cheerful while sadness gets you gobs of the stuff. Therapies currently come in two flavors: triple chocolate and raspberry ripple.

The Share Happy is a smile-activated ice cream vending machine. It uses facial recognition technology (the same technique that was used to analyze the Mona Lisa) to measure the user’s smile. A winning smile, as measured by the Share Happy ‘smile-o-meter,’ is rewarded with a free ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s, Good Humor, Breyers, and Klondike ice cream brands can be found in the Share Happy.

The legal high.

Science confirms what we’ve known all along: ice cream makes us happy. It’s loaded with proteins, sugars, and nutrients that give a physical boost, and elevates our mood by tweaking the body’s seratonin levels. MRIs have shown that the brain’s pleasure centers light up almost instantaneously when ice cream is consumed.

We also know that ice cream contains anandamides (a Sanskrit word that literally translates as internal bliss ). These are cannabinoid compounds like the THC found in marijuana. They attach to the brain’s receptors to create a mellow feeling of calm.

Ice cream when you’re happy or ice cream when you’re sad? Cheer up or celebrate?

Can I have both?


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  1. I’ve been thinking for so long to discover the reasons of my problem. I don’t need to do it no more. Thanks to a post you sent now I know what it was.

  2. hahaha. i really have noticed i always feel better after eating ice cream, even for a late night snack when everything else makes me feel icky afterwards. great post!

  3. I’ll take it anytime:) Fun post!

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