How Much is that Beer Worth to You?

Have you had enough of the stock market’s ups and downs? Then you might want to try your luck at New York’s Exchange Bar and Grill. Like the NYSE, the market sets the prices based on supply and demand. Instead of the economy, menu price fluctuations are based on the ordering trends of the restaurant’s current group of patrons.

The popularity of individual food and drink items moves their prices up and down in 25ยข increments for a total swing of up to $4.00. An electronic ticker tape behind the bar broadcasts the action, while flatscreens display the current state of the menu.

Yes, it’s gimmicky, but from the restaurateur’s point of view it’s an opportunity to move some of the slower items from the menu. For the customers, it’s not just entertaining; it’s an opportunity for sanctioned eavesdropping (Did they just order hamburgers over there? The smart money’s on the chicken wings).

As of press time there’s no locking into a futures contract for Saturday night.

If you really want to plunge into the beer market, try An experiment in crowdsourcing, BuyaBeerCompany is pooling investments of as little as $5.00 on its way to the $300 million asking price for the Pabst Brewing Company. As of press time, the pool is nearing $100,000,000.

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