Gourmet Magazine: the aftermath


Where are they now?

When Conde Nast pulled the plug on Gourmet Magazine, none were more shocked than the magazine’s 180 employees who were cleaning out their desks as we were reading news of the closure in the morning paper. They were cut loose along with the employees of more than 450 other magazines and countless newspapers that folded in 2009. But a stint at Gourmet is something special on a resume, and many former staffers have resurfaced in new and notable capacities.

Editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl has not slowed down much. She has been promoting the magazine’s cookbook, hosting two Gourmet-related television shows, and readying a memoir of her Conde Nast years.

Gourmet’s publisher, Nancy Berger Cardone, is now vice president and publisher of Hearst’s Marie-Claire.

Research chief Marisa Robertson-Textor contributes an international food column to online newspaper the Faster Times.

Writer Charles Kelsey is readying Cutty’s, his Brookline, MA cafe for an opening in early 2010.

Salon chose Francis Lam, Gourmet’s contributing editor, to head up the launch of its new food section.

Gourmet, unbound is a collaborative project involving numerous former staffers and bloggers that aims to keep the magazine’s memory and legacy alive online.

Contributing editor Barry Estabrook has picked up where he let off with his hard-hitting blog Politics of the Plate.

Eater.com looked to pick up some content at a bargain rate for its newly-launched national edition by offering $100 for unpublished articles from former Gourmet contributors.

Fales Library at NYU was a big winner picking up 3,500 cookbooks from the defunct magazine’s collection.

And if you are still mourning the magazine’s demise, past issues can be ordered through the Conde Nast store, and much of its online content has been folded into Epicurious and is available through both the website and a free iPhone application.

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