Good Canned Beer: It’s not an oxymoron.

Watery swill. Tinny, metallic taste..
Cans have long been associated with mass-produced, cheap suds.
High quality beer in a can? Blasphemy!

Exploding the myth.
Cans are arguably better— kinder to both the beer and the planet.

Cans block out light, which accelerates the oxidation that degrades beer. Brewers use brown glass bottles to cut the light, but cans will block it completely.

Bottles are heavy and fragile. Cans are lighter and more space efficient than bottles. Cans require less fuel to manufacture, ship and store, and are more likely to be recycled than glass bottles.

Once you get the cans home, they chill quicker in your refrigerator, and they can go places that bottles can’t, like parks, stadiums, and beaches.

About that tinny taste
It’s a thing of the past. Cans today are lined with a thin, food-grade polymer coating, which means the beer never touches metal.

The big breakthrough came in 2001 when micro-canning equipment—a manual, two-at-a-time canning system designed specifically for small brewers—hit the market. Today, you’ll find bars with draft lists, bottle lists, and can lists, with the once lowly can selling at a premium. Younger drinkers, who had already embraced the retro-chic of old school canned beers like PBR, are an easy sell. One taste of a freshly hopped, craft-canned IPA helps older drinkers to quickly move past the stigma of beer in cans.

The Beer Can Hall of Fame, Beer Cans in Literature and Film, Great Moments in Beer Can History; you’ll find all this and more at the Beer Can Museum. The complete collection (nearly 5,000 cans!) is housed in East Taunton, Massachusetts, but the website features plenty of photographs and breweriana.

A gift membership to the Brewery Collectibles Club of America comes with a subscription to their bi-monthly publication Beer Cans and Brewery Collectibles.

You’ll find more gift ideas for the canned beer lover at This Next.

And don’t forget to recycle!

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  1. Neil says:

    I’m not adverse to the beer can, things are getting better now that more breweries are getting in on the act sometimes you are limited to how the breweries deciede to package their beer and usually this is in glass

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