Gigabiting’s Polling Data


According  to the latest poll, I’m sick of talking about the election.
It was a rather small sample size of one likely voter, but the margin of error is a convincing 0.0%.

I know I’m not alone.
The incessant finger pointing, political spin, and negative advertising have tried the patience of all of us. The parade of media talking heads gave us the soul crushing minutiae of nonstop analysis. And it’s not your imagination, there really are more polls than ever before.

Only true political junkies wake up on the morning after the election with an appetite for what’s next.
Fortunately, an insatiable thirst for political discourse can be slaked by a local chapter of Drinking Liberally.

Drinking Liberally is an informal, nonpartisan social gathering where left-leaning individuals can go to share a drink and a little political chit chat.

There are currently 233 Drinking Liberally chapters in 46 states plus a few overseas chapters for expats. Each meets at a regular bar or pub and at a regular time each week or month. Drinkers aren’t necessarily policy wonks, or even members of the Democratic Party, and progressive political discourse tends to be just a starting point for a night out with like-minded friends and strangers.

Drinking Liberally is a project of Living Liberally, an organization that builds progressive communities through social networks and events. You can also engage through the political comedy fans of Laughing Liberally, attend a film with Screening Liberally, have a good meal and conversation with Eating Liberally, and discover progressive authors with Reading Liberally.


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