French Fries Make Me Insanely Happy

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Deep golden brown, crisp on the outside and fluffy, oh so fluffy, on the inside. Fat, starchy batons, crispy, salty shoestrings, crinkle-cut, double-fried, and oh-my-god duck fat fries. I’ve met a few that I didn’t like, had my heart broken a time or two, but my ardor is unabated. It’s not exactly a romance for two: the rest of America joins me in eating 2 billion servings of french fries a year; that’s 30 pounds of fries for every man, woman, and child.

Born to be a fast food.
Deep frying potatoes in vats of boiling oil is a messy, greasy, smelly, time-consuming process. While the drive-through lane isn’t the path to french fry perfection, many fast food outlets produce a credibly tasty facsimile. 70% of our annual fry intake is eaten alongside a fast food burger, with McDonald’s cranking out the perennial favorite.

The strength of this match is also its biggest drawback. French fries would be a rare treat if we had to make them in our own kitchens, and of course we would all be better off for it. But life would not be be nearly as sweet.


Thank you French Fry Diary for scouting out the fries at airport terminals, turnpike rest stops, tourist traps, and weird, regional restaurant chains.

Confess your sinful longings at the I Love French Fries support group of the Experience Project. To date, more than 6,897,845 first-person stories have been collected in the world’s largest community of life experiences—not always french fry-related, but always anonymous.

When he decided to start a new blog devoted to chronicling the little things that are special about America, the author of Great American Things chose McDonald’s fries as his first entry, beating out a slew of architectural landmarks, natural wonders, sports greats, and giants of entertainment and the arts. Crazy? We think not.

The French Fries Gallery at Citizendium shows us how to distinguish our wedge cuts from our steak fries.

Have a spud-related question? As Dr. Potato. Anything, any time; the doctor is always in at the Idaho Potato Commission.


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  1. Monet says:

    Now I’m craving french fries…there is nothing better than a quality french fry and a big squirt of ketchup! Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you are having a lovely start to the first week of 2011!

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