For $500 You Can Be a Restaurant Seatholder


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Restaurant reservations have never been easy to come by in New York.
When the neighborhood is trendy (TriBeCA), the executive chef is a big deal (Daniel Patterson of San Francisco’s Coi), and the cocktails are overseen by a legendary bartender (Dale ‘King Cocktail‘ DeGroff), you’re either waiting a year or so for the place to cool down or dining at 5:15, six weeks from next Tuesday.

The team behind The Elevens is counting on that kind of buzz; in fact they’re banking on it. A good 6+ months from the spring 2012 opening, they’re looking to sell $1 million worth of something they call seatholderships. For $500 you can be one of 2,000 seatholders. That one-time investment will get you ‘priority’ reservations, a 25 percent discount on everything you order (and up to 3 guests, if you’re paying), and access to special events. They’re also promising to put some of the business decisions up for voting by seatholders.

The team behind The Elevens says that selling seatholderships is not just about the money, and certainly with all the accolades trailing them (James Beard Foundation awards, Michelin stars) one would assume there were other funding options. They are hoping to foster “a convivial community of compatriots… camaraderie with the staff and fellow regulars… a sense of proprietorship… of belonging.” And you can get a table on Saturday night.

An early draft of the food and cocktail menus are posted on the website, along with a little do the math section to show seatholder savings over 10 years. As of this writing, 84 seatholderships have been purchased.



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