Foodie Dating Hits the Million Mark


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Foodies need love too.

Could you date someone who’s a vegan? What if that potentially special someone doesn’t like Chinese food? Or chocolate? Or pasta? You could be chevre on a crusty baguette and they’re Velveeta on white. Or you’re gluten-free and they’re all about pancake breakfasts.
Forget about personality types, pheromones, and horoscope signs; true compatibility is all about the food.

It’s been a year since the Eater blog hooked up with HowAboutWe to launch its foodie matchmaking service.
Instead of matching singles by their online profiles, daters pair up by filling in the blank:  How about we…
Proposals tend toward …shop for sea salt and make our own caramels  try every grilled cheese sandwich on the menu of the new food truck  ...load up on charcuterie and have a picnic…

On the Gen X dating giant OK Cupid, you can’t just call yourself a foodie, you have to prove your bona fides with a foodie test. The flavors and spices section asks daters to name an herb that’s described as ‘woody.’ The plating section of the test goes multiple choice with the question of appropriate garnish for a gin-brined pork tenderloin (would it be fresh parsley, creme fraiche, lemon twist and juniper berries, or a swirl of basil emulsion?).

If you want something more low-key with fewer strings attached than traditional one-to-one dating, there’s the pre-arranged double dates of Tandem and group dining sites like GrubWithUs and BlendAbout. These are services that facilitate something like a smörgåsbord of blind dates bringing together a dinner party’s-worth of singles— typically a table of four or eight with some pre-screened interests and compatibility. Still too much of a commitment? Try meeting someone Over Coffee.

There’s dating for vegetarians and vegans, Singles With Food Allergies, special dieters, and a site that matches couples based on refrigerator contents. Non-cooks can also look for their own Single Chefs to date.

On the occasion of enabling its one-millionth date, HowAboutWe looks at how all their foodie daters filled in the blank. The One Million Date infographic tallies up the pour-over coffee dates, shared house made pickle plates, and thousands of artisan bitters-infused cocktail meet ups for a revealing look at the dating habits of food-obsessed singles.


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