FOOD2: Not your mother’s Food Network


For the generation that is more Epicurious than Joy of Cooking, the Food Network has launched an online alternative to the traditional cooking channel. Targeting the young and tech-savvy, Food2 blends traditional editorial formats, such as how-to video, with user-generated content.

As the Food2 website describes it:

Along with an outspoken, eclectic slate of food bloggers and professionals, Food2 mixes up recipes, cocktails, foodie challenges, foobie knowledge, pictures, videos and shout outs with a bunch of other elements we aren’t at liberty to discuss. They are thrown in a blender with a shot of wasabi and served chilled, in a highball glass on the rocks.

Original Food2 programming is aimed at a 21-34 year old audience perhaps cooking in their first non-dorm kitchen, interested in quick, cheap, casual, and trendy. Instead of folksy family fare from Paula Deen and the high-stakes pressure cooking of Iron Chef, Food2 has something called $12 Challenge2 Love-Hungry Cooks. 1 Hot Date. 1 Ticking Clock and $12. Kitchen Conspirators follows the exploits of a trio of roommates running an underground supper club out of their Brooklyn apartment. Young culinary talents drawn from the worlds of food blogging and television shows like The Next Food Network Star are given celebrity hosting duties for snappy, four minute cooking lessons.

The social media elements are not merely overlayed on traditional programming, but have been woven deeply into content and functions. A web presence and social networking audience had been built months before the channel was launched. Food2 and Facebook have an integrated, single sign-on through Facebook Connect. You sign in and create your Food2 profile through your Facebook login. Tips, comments, photos, and video can be simultaneously uploaded to the channel, added to Facebook, and followed on Twitter, seamlessly merging the sites and their communities.

The Food Network is hoping that Food2 will draw a crowd that is young, hip, and looking for something new to eat, just like a party where everyone winds up in the kitchen.

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