Food Can Make You Pretty

If only there were a magic potion.

One gulp and blemishes are gone, wrinkles are smoothed, and a youthful glow radiates from every pore. If only. Until that scientific break-through or rainforest miracle plant discovery, there are foods you can eat that will improve the health and appearance your complexion.

Eat your wrinkles away

Brazil nuts are the single most powerful food to battle the effects of aging. They contain mineral selenium for elasticity; zinc, which promotes cell growth and reduces inflammations; fatty acids that maintain skin moisture; and vitamin E that protects skin from the effects of environmental factors like pollution and UV rays. Blueberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, and strawberries all help the body manufacture collagen, the costly, coveted structural protein that holds the skin together. Pomegranate juice helps stop the formation of spider veins by strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Eat your way to clear skin

The advice you got as a kid is true: chocolate, french fries and soda give you acne. Fried foods, heavily-processed foods, and refined sugars can overload your body with toxins. Blemishes are your body’s response to the excess. The best foods for acne sufferers are those that help flush toxins through the digestive tract. The list includes the peas, beans, and lentils of the legume family, and salad and other fibrous greens. The omega-3 fatty acid found in oily fishes like salmon, sardines, mackerel, and fresh tuna helps to keep pores unclogged. Sunflower seeds reduce blackheads.

The self-tan diet

UV rays from the sun will turn your skin brown. The tanning booth will turn it orange. For a gently bronzed glow, you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in cartenoids. Cartenoids are naturally occurring, plant-based pigments that are especially abundant in certain green and orange fruits and vegetables. Cantaloupe, apricots, peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots all have high cartenoid levels that give your skin a healthy, golden glow. As an added bonus, you’re also eating your sunscreen: carrots have an SPF of around 4.

Functional chocolate: the tasty future of skincare.

We have already reveled in the wonderful news that chocolate is good for us. Dark chocolate- at least 70% cocoa, no milk, and sweetened with natural sugars- is loaded with antioxidants known as flavanols, that can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. Now we’re learning that those same antioxidants can boost skin’s elasticity and hydration to stave off wrinkles and other effects of aging. Food scientists have developed techniques to boost and preserve the naturally-occurring  flavanols found in cocoa beans, creating a new category of anti-aging, functional chocolate.

Try the chocolate fountain of youth: Nicobella sells vegan, organic, functional chocolates made with a proprietary blend of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The pumpkin chai truffles contain carotenoids that help to maintain skin tissue and prevent wrinkling, the sunflower banana butter filling helps prevent damage from free radicals and promotes elasticity, and blueberry almond can increase the skin’s cell renewal rate, normalize cell growth, and stimulate blood flow.

[image courtesy of Auburn Wednet]


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  5. Very cool, I love this kind of stuff. As your body’s biggest organ skin is a mirror to what’s happening inside. Make your body healthy and your skin will glow. 🙂 Funny timing because I just posted a piece on making your own hair care with simple kitchen ingredients. Must be approaching sense of summer!

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