Fast Food Chains Push Soda for Breakfast


The vaguely mimosa-like Mountain Dew A.M.

Some rules really aren’t made to be broken.
Like the one about eating a healthy breakfast. It’s not like it’s one of the Geneva Conventions, but this is important stuff none the less. Which is why the latest promotion from three major fast food chains has mothers, nutritionists, public health advocates, and dentists cringing: at Steak ‘n Shake, a 28-ounce morning Coca-Cola lands you a free breakfast taco; Sonic’s ‘Morning Drink Stop’ features 99-cent sodas; and Taco Bell is test marketing a proprietary concoction called MTN Dew A.M., combining soda and orange juice.

There have always been those who like a cold, sharp, fizzy jolt of caffeine in the morning, but it took the breakfast menus at fast food restaurants to bring it into the mainstream. Soda is rarely served with with home-cooked breakfasts—perhaps it’s Mom’s influence that has kept it to less than 3% of the time. Go out for breakfast though, and it’s five times as likely that soda will be ordered.

This isn’t the first time that food marketers have tried to chip away at the morning soda taboo. Coca-Cola launched a major Coke in the Morning ad campaign in 1988, and the next year Pepsi pumped up the caffeine for a trial run of a morning cola dubbed Pepsi A.M. As recently as 2008, Coca-Cola was running print ads showing a Diet Coke can wrapped in a take-out coffee sleeve with the tagline ‘Good Morning.’

Wake up and smell the soda
Too much soda makes people fat and sick. And if tooth decay, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease aren’t enough, there are plenty of other reasons not to drink soda.


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