Donuts are NOT the Next Cupcake!

It’s happening again.
Another humble, familiar snack is getting the upscale treatment. This time, let’s try to keep our wits about us.

Donuts are definitely having their pop culture moment. They are showing up on restaurant menus, dressed in high style. Pastry chefs are experimenting with unorthodox forms and flavor combinations. Trendy brides are requesting donut towers in place of wedding cakes.

Can we stop trying to turn them into the next cupcake? Misguided attempts to label the latest ‘it’ dessert have seen us scurrying after macarons and whoopie pies, chasing down funnel cakes and rugelach. And now donuts.

The parallels are obvious.
Like cupcakes before them, donuts are pure, sugar-dipped nostalgia. Both treats deliver comfort and familiarity at a relatively low price point. Both are single-serving, hand-held goodies, often whimsically decorated.

But donuts are are not looking to dethrone cupcakes. Donuts are edgier and more decadent. They’re fried in oil and served for a wholly delicious but unhealthy breakfast. Let’s try to ease up on the exotic excess that afflicted cupcakes, and just let donuts be donuts.

You’ll find Cupcakes: The Clock is Ticking for their 15 Minutes, in the Gigabiting archives.



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