Does Sarah Palin Drink Chardonnay?

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Hand over that wine list, buster!

Women wine drinkers have overtaken men. Women buy more, spend more, drink more. And it’s not the proverbial glass of Chardonnay– red wine is favored by a wide margin.

Women and wine are a natural match.

Women have more tastebuds than men and are more likely to be ultra- discerning supertasters. And while we know that red wine reduces the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease in men and women alike, there are health benefits that are specifically imparted just to women: reduced risk of Alzheimer and other forms of dementia, less weight gain in middle age, higher bone mass, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and ovarian cancer, and an increase in the female libido.

A wine of her own

Women are making inroads in the traditional boys’ club that is the wine industry. Traditionally, women entered the industry only by accident of birth or marriage. These days, around 15% of the winery owners, winemakers and master sommeliers in the U.S. are women, and most were not born into (or divorced well from) prominent wine families.  There is a Facebook Group for Women Winemakers with nearly 1,000 members, and the National Women’s Wine Competition, with its all women panel of judges draws 2,000 entrants annually.

Wine, women, and words

There is no tug of war for the wine list when you drink in the company of women. Women-only wine groups, tastings, and classes abound. Try Women & Wine Divas Uncorked, and Wine Women Online to find wine-centric women near you.

The wine-drinker’s book group- it was only a matter of time. Book Buffet has six Wine and Book Group Picks a year along with reading guides and suggested wine pairings. Its matching resource can find the literary quaffers in your area.

Turn that wine consumption into activism.

All of the wines in the Feminist Wine Club are made by women winemakers, produced at women-owned wineries, or imported by women. All proceeds from the Feminist Wine Club go to the California National Organization for Women.

Gun-toting mamas from Alaska or elsewhere can order their wines through the NRA Wine Club. A portion of each purchase will benefit the group’s efforts to promote the right to bear arms. Guns and liquor… that’s the ticket.

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