Crazy for Infographics

Infographics are hot!

Infographics have moved well beyond the food pyramid.
Visual representations of data and information are the perfect tool for our time.
They’re like shorthand that cuts through the text overload, able to convey abstract or complex information quickly and clearly.
They rely on a universal visual language that suits our globalized media.
They transcend analytics to win hearts and minds.
They can quickly become addictive.

sugar content (courtesy of


sushi etiquette (courtesy of

the growth of food stamps Sept.’08 – May ’09 (courtesy of Good Magazine)

The examples above hint at the range and reach of visual language.
At their best, infographics are mini masterpieces.
They can be abstract or literal, humorous, elegant, whimsical, fun, or funny.
Some of the better online sources for infographics:
Six Revisions has a smallish gallery of especially attractive infographics, many oriented toward food and beverages.
The Visual Aid Project sells food-related infographic wall posters that can bring information, humor, and colorful design to your kitchen walls.
Transparency is Good Magazine’s regular infographic feature that explores data in many food-related categories. aggregates web-based infographics, including animation and other video graphics, from a variety of sources.

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