Coming Up Fast: Teens Who Blog


Shouldn’t they be studying for their SATs or something?

Food blogs written by teenagers are, well, written by teenagers. They defy generalization. You’ll find naive charm as well as jaded palates, kitchen tinkerers and culinary scientists— just like with the grownups, although the kids tend to spell better. And when did 16 year olds start having signature dishes?

When I look over my shoulder, these are the teenage bloggers I see:

Nick, from the Philadelphia suburbs, is a blogging veteran with his Foodie at 15 (Now 17). For three years we have followed his antics as he follows his passion. He created a hierarchy of Halloween candy, rivaled McDonalds with his Egg NickMuffin, and camped out with a cell phone in a high school boys’ bathroom until he got through to the reservation desk at Thomas Keller’s Per Se. His biggest challenge now will be to keep the blog going this fall during the college application season.

If only more bloggers had the deft touch of Orren from Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs. A vegetarian beekeeper and chicken farmer, he advocates for sustainability issues and the humane treatment of animals, but is never preachy or high-minded. Somehow he also squeezes in the school day at his Massachusetts junior high. A newly-minted 13, Orren just barely made the cut-off.

Another accomplished 13 year old, Sophia of Sophia’s Sweets was baking at age 4 and blogging by 11.  She is deeply into the pastry scene, competing in Daring Bakerschallenges, and sharing her encyclopedic knowledge of the recipes of fellow baking bloggers.

Handle the Heat comes from 19 year old Tessa. She methodically dissects each dish in a recipe rundown, like the good culinary student she is. And she is awfully fond of nutella.

It’s fearlessness that makes Kamran and his blog stand out. In the Sophisticated Gourmet, he tackles recipes that would be the undoing of most bloggers; ambitious cooking projects like homemade candies, buttermilk-dipped onion rings, and puff pastry. Now that he’s 18 and off to college this fall, let’s hope his dorm has a kitchen.

Hannah from Honey and Jam aged off of this list as of her recent 20th birthday, but still deserves a mention for the soft and sweet polish of the blog she began as a teenager, highlighted by her lovely food styling and photography.

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6 Responses to Coming Up Fast: Teens Who Blog

  1. Janice says:

    I agree with the notion of fearlessness. My 22 year old has that same quality when he cooks. Could you send me a link so I could see your daughter’s blog?

  2. Even though my daughter is 21 now, I keep encouraging her to start her own blog- she is a great cook, and fearless! Thanks for making me aware of these!!

  3. Janice says:

    Scary, isn’t it. Can you imagine what they’ll be doing at our age?!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I think I wish I had been this together at their age.

  5. Monet says:

    Thanks for sharing this great list of young bloggers with me!

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