Chewable Coffee, Sushi-on-a-Stick: What will they think of next?


Have you seen the press coverage of the Candwich?


News of the Candwich, the latest innovation in sandwich technology, has been covered by everyone from Stephen Colbert and Perez Hilton to Business Week and the New York Times. The sandwiches, in peanut butter or barbecued chicken varieties, are packed in pop-top beverage-style cans. There’s been a little hang-up as the backing company sorts through SEC allegations of fraud— apparently the investors believed their $145 million was funding real estate deals, despite the money manager’s track record with a company that sold rose petals imprinted with greeting card sentiments. But given the excellent shelf-life of the Candwiches, the delay shouldn’t pose a problem.

The Candwich is just one of the recent food packaging innovations to show up in the marketplace.

Ice cream’s Push-Up Pop meets raw fish in the Sushi Popper. The Sushi Popper tube is filled with a pre-sliced maki roll. Use the attached stick (which doubles as the soy sauce dispenser) to push up from the bottom and bite off the pieces of sushi from the top. It offers four days of freshness and freedom from chopsticks. After a mere three months of sales, the company’s press release has pronounced the Sushi Popper to be ‘”the world’s most popular sushi on a stick.”

Get an oil change at the Deli Garage, and every 3,000 miles you’ll fill up on chili, rosemary, or lemon-flavored olive oil. The Deli Garage is a producers’ coöp that finds inspiration in its home base inside a former tractor factory. The motor oil packaging for its Oil Change line of olive oils is as practical in the kitchen as it is eye-catching.

Ka-Pow!There’s drinking chocolate; why not eating coffee? The artisan chocolatiers at Portland’s Sahagún Handmade Chocolates make you think twice about coffee as you know it. The Ka-Pow! bar is processed like chocolate, but swaps coffee beans for cocoa beans. There’s a little sugar for flavor and cocoa butter for texture, but it is otherwise pure, unadulterated coffee from small-batch producers like Portland’s excellent Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Is there any sweeter sound on a hot summer day than the jingle of the ice cream man? Little hands clutch sweaty dollar bills as the kids clamor around the truck for their pickle juice popsicles.

That’s right; pickle juice has always had its adherents. It’s been drunk for years as a hangover cure. The Philadelphia Eagles are supplied with a bottled version that they drink to replace salts that are sweated out on the field. Now a frozen squeeze-pop version of pickle juice is available from Bob’s Pickle Pops. This puckery treat is made not just from the brine left over from pickling, but from the juice of fresh pickles that are squeezed much like an apple or an orange.

You can see more innovative package design concepts at The Dieline.

The Hard-to-Find Grocer carries an extensive selection of unusual, regional products.


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