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Mike Tyson’s a Vegan. How About You?

Mike Tyson snacked on Evander Holyfield’s ear. He threatened to make a meal of Lennox Lewis’ children. He is perhaps the planet’s most notorious flesh-eater.

But these days there’s nothing meatier than a seitan cutlet in his George Foreman Grill.

Mike Tyson: holier than thou? […]

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French Fries: The World Tour

image courtesy of YTV Canada

French fries are not the enemy.

We celebrate the pig in all its glory, topping everything that doesn’t move with bacon and salivating over unctuous pork bellies. Cupcake bakeries continue to proliferate even as we place bets on the next dessert craze (whoopie pies? macarons? those odd little cake balls that suddenly seem to be everywhere?)

Why are french fries the nutritionists’ whipping boy? […]

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