Breakfast Any Time


I was at this restaurant. The sign said Breakfast Anytime. So I ordered french toast in the Renaissance.

— Steven Wright


Breakfast for lunch. Or dinner.

Breakfast is a meal best served all day. Few of us have the time or the inclination for much more than some nibbles of toast with our morning coffee. Better to save the calories and indulgent flavors for a midday break or even dinner when the day is winding down and we can take the time to savor them.

Don’t expect to see extended breakfast service widely embraced by upscale and fine dining establishments. Breakfast makes economic sense for diners but is not cost-effective for full-service restaurants. Menu pricing is too low to interest them much, liquor sales are non-existent, and there are just too many sticky plates to wash.

The quick-service and casual dining sectors are all over this one, sprucing up their menus with trendy breakfast sandwiches and upgrading their coffee service. Escalating competition is expected to shift into full-blown battle mode when McDonald’s, originator of the Egg McMuffin, implements its all-day breakfast menu.

The web is not kind to breakfast.

There is a web meme that’s been dubbed Nobody Cares What You Ate For Breakfast. It refers to tweets or blog posts that consist of trivial, self-indulgent blathering about the minutiae of one’s life. The practice can get an author banned from forums and other online communities. Perhaps for this reason, breakfast is under-served online with far fewer resources and conversations than most topics.

Lucky for us that Mr. Breakfast has soldiered on. Here you’ll find complete breakfast coverage with thousands of recipes, ratings and reviews of breakfast spots in all 50 states, and the Cereal Project with its comprehensive database of more than 1,200 packaged breakfast cereals.

Thick-skinned Joe of Breakfast Not Hearts risks the enmity of the Nobody Cares What You Ate For Breakfast crowd by posting a photograph of each day’s most important meal. He is currently at Day 280 of his planned full-year breakfast coverage.

The Waffleizer is exploring the boundaries of waffling so we don’t have to. The blog exists to answer the question ‘Will it waffle?’ New frontiers in waffling include waffled sandwiches and burgers, waffled hash browns, and waffle falafel. The Waffleizer experiments widely, drawing the line only at waffle batter.


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  1. Simon says:

    Waffle World has always been a safe chocie for me, whenever I do not know what to eat in-between meals.I have been a fan of their Banana Walnut since back when they were priced considerably cheaper than now. Even then, I hope they still thrive for years to come, instead of succumbing to the bane of commercialization, losing out to the other fancier eateries.

  2. Very interesting post.The breakfast issue, I was unaware of… Pure breakfast:(

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