Brace Yourself: Your Man Might Be a Vegan

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The tell-tale signs:

Does the man in your life know the proper pronunciation of quinoa?
Has he ever come home with a guilty look and the smell of wheat grass on his breath?
Does he think it’s cute when you refer to lentils as legumes (Silly girl, they’re pulses!) and get hot and bothered when you wear your organic cotton t shirt?
I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your man is a vegan.

For too long, vegan men have kept themselves in the closet.
Real men are supposed to eat meat. Those who eschew animal-sourced foods are socially stigmatized. They are, if not exactly girlie, compromised as manly men.

Meat is the food of men. In ancient societies, a successful hunt was an emblem of manhood, bringing status and signaling readiness to marry. Today the backyard barbecue might be the last remnant of the hunt, but the mythology has stuck. Meat-eating suggests power, vitality, and virility. It sends enriched blood coursing through the veins, bringing strength to every part of the body (yes, there too).

By contrast a meatless regimen seems mild and anemic. And worst of all, it speaks of compassion. Vegans are tagged as sensitive souls—hugging trees, cuddling bunnies, awash in emotionalism. In other words, feminine.

There are indications that perceptions are changing:
Bloomberg Businessweek profiled heavyweight, alpha-male vegans like Bill Clinton, Russell Simmons, and Steve Wynn in The Rise of the Power Vegans.
The newly-launched The Ethical Man is the first 100% vegan apparel shop for men.
This spring’s Vegans in Vegas is a first-of-its kind event that promises to mix bachelor party hijinks with vegan-themed presentations in fields like nutrition, fitness, and environmentalism.
The online, pro-vegan lifestyle magazine The Discerning Brute calls its content fashion, food, and etiquette for the ethically handsome man.
40 Sexy Vegan Men shares photos and video of celebrity vegans from the fields of film, music, professional sports, and television.

Encourage your man to come out of the shadows and practice his veganism in the light of day.
Take him on a date to the bulk foods aisle. Start dropping phrases like bioavailability and meat analog into conversations. Learn to love a splash of almond milk in your coffee.
Real men do eat plants; they just need our love and support to do it in public.


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