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Granola is a tricky little bugger.

It is so strongly associated with all things healthy and natural that the Urban Dictionary defines granola as an adjective used to describe people who are left-leaning, environmentally aware, and are inclined to forgo vaccines, body hair removal, and the consumption of animal products and by-products. But when it comes to healthy and natural, the truth is granola has been coasting on its reputation for years. Once upon a time, granola was a simple blend of whole grains, nuts, and fruit. Today, commercially-produced granola typically contains processed grains, vegetable oils, and sugary syrups. It is notable less for the scant protein and fiber it contributes than for its obscenely high fat and sugar levels. In a Newsweek magazine face-off between Lucky Charms and Kellogg’s Lowfat Granola, the marshmallow-chocked Lucky Charms was deemed the healthier option. In fact that leading granola brand more closely resembles the nutritional profile of a candy bar than a breakfast cereal

An online mini- industry has sprung up that allows you to bypass the cereal aisle and build the perfect granola.

MixMy Granola, MojaMix, and [me]&goji are three variations on the theme of online sellers of custom-blended granola. They all work pretty much the same way: choose a base cereal and grains, add nuts and seeds, dried fruits, flavor and nutritional enhancements, and “extras” (some of which skate pretty close to the Lucky Charms neighborhood of marshmallow pots ‘o gold and rainbows). A running tab of nutritional data shows you the impact of each addition. When you are satisfied with your creation, it’s blended, custom-labeled per your specifications, packaged (MojaMix packs in traditional cellophane bags; MixMyGranola and [me]&goji use far cooler canisters), and shipped.

[me]&goji has the broadest selection of cereal bases. You can play it safe with one of their many muesli or granola bases or go ounce by ounce with the individual flakes and grains. The site offers suggestions for designing functional mixes (high protein, cleansing, sports endurance), and of course there are plenty of goji options that incorporate that nutrient-rich (and really quite tasty) Himalayan superfruit. MojaMix is all about the fruit, with optional tidbits of dried and dehydrated cherries and berries, apples, pears, nectarines, tropical and desert fruits (figs, papaya, mango), goldenberries, persimmons, and more of those goji berries. And MixMyGranola encourages you to go nuts with some very unbreakfast-like extras, like candies (chocolate-covered coffee beans and tiramisu-flavored caramels), snack foods (animal crackers, peanut butter-filled pretzels, caramel corn), and some items that defy categorization (wasabi peas, mustard pretzels)

If you have ever loaded up a shopping cart with the ingredients for homemade granola, you already know that it’s better left to the professionals. That 12 ounce jar of Kretschmer Wheat Germ (11 ounces of which are lolling in the back of your pantry ) could have pretty much paid for your first custom-blended order, shipping and all. Custom mixes also make sense for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. And best of all, you can create the granola of your dreams.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Hey Janice!

    I love reading your blog..I told Bev and she told me to tell you, so here I am. If you ever find that you’ve made too much granola, send some this way!


  2. CHRISTINE says:

    There’s nothing wrong with having a crunchy personality. LOL!

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