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Food– love it. Love everything about it.

Technology– the jury’s still out. But there is no denying the impact it’s had on how we eat.

We’re not talking pasteurization here; we’re talking internet. We’re talking about the way online shopping brings the world to our kitchens and personal blogs let everyone peek inside. The way citizen journalists post opinions on sites like Yelp and Chowhound that can make or break a restaurant. The way phone apps and gps allow us to swap a surplus of backyard zucchini for the tomatoes growing in a garden across town, and tweets from Open Table help us snag a dinner reservation.

Gigabiting.com will bring you the latest news and tips from the online world of food. Posts will be sometimes useful, sometimes informative, and always entertaining. Together, we can learn to love technology. And really, wouldn’t you rather get tech tips from a foodie than food recommendations from a techie?!

Gigabiting is based in Boston.

Gigabiting wants to hear from you! We welcome your comments, suggestions, and story ideas through the contact page or email to janice@gigabiting.com

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