A Tip of the Toque to the Bro King

image via Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes


Thank you Charlie Sheen, for bringing bro food culture to the front and center.

Charlie Sheen is not himself a bro.
He’s way too West Coast for that, and of course he’s also missing the requisite frat house credentials. But more importantly, even if he had gone to college, he still wouldn’t have joined a fraternity—he’s too much of a lone wolf for that. Plus he clearly prefers the company of women.

But he can still be their king.
Ask any bro what he would do with millions of dollars and celebrity status and I guarantee the answer would not involve environmental causes and Malawi orphan adoptions. It would look a lot like the partying and porn star concubines of a Sheen-style endless kegger.

With his new cooking video, Sheen has helped solidify the link between bros and food.

Food has always been important to bro culture.
Bros tend to be upper-middle class with a goodly amount of disposable income. They have fairly refined tastes when it comes to creature comforts. Food is another piece of the good life they chase.

Bros cook dishes that can be assembled from items readily found in the fridge—their own or one of their bro buddy’s. Dishes tend to run toward those that go down easy after a night of partying. They like foods cooked in beer and on grills. They like meat almost as much as they like to flaunt that affinity under the noses of vegetarians.

Bro cuisine is explored in numerous websites and internet cooking shows. There you’ll find an overabundance of fat, calories, alcohol, and salt—the four basic food groups of the bro diet—along with plenty of of cursing, smoking, beer guzzling, and the mishandling of ingredients.

Epic Meal Time is far and away the most successful of the bunch, with millions of viewers and with a cable deal in the works. Each episode is a tribute to epic-scale excess: holiday-themed meat gingerbread houses;  a meat-stuffed and meat-wrapped Thanksgiving turkey roasted inside a pig; and always bacon by the kilo.

Bro Food pays visual homage to pizza, burgers, burritos, and foil-wrapped egg sandwiches

The Music Hoarder took a break from music reviews to pen the lyrical tribute to Guy Fieri: Kitchen Bro.

And of course, the king. Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes features the tiger-toqued actor willing food into his ‘cauldron of awesomeness’.

You know, a bro gets hungry, and a bro’s got to eat.


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