A Nice Lasagne Crosses Party Lines

Company’s coming. What will you serve?
Maybe you should check their voter registration cards at the door.

So says Hunch, the collective intelligence, decision-making website co-founded by the people who brought us Flickr. Hunch is building a ‘taste graph’ for the internet, using profile-building methodology to map group and individual affinities. Sifting through 25 million responses, its algorithm reveals distinct eating patterns and preferences that correlate with political ideologies.

  • Political Pizza
    thin crust for Liberals, deep dish for Conservatives
  • Have a muffin, Mr. President
    Liberals like their baked goods while Conservatives tend to skip breakfast
  • French fries for all
    Conservatives pick them up at McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A, Liberals head to In-N-Out Burger
  • Staying in tonight
    Conservatives whip up meatloaf or fire up the grill for steak and chicken; Liberals are crazy for seafood
  • And pour a glass of…
    wine for Liberals, bottled water for Conservatives
  • Meatless Monday
    11% of Liberals and 3% of Conservatives are vegetarians
  • Of course everyone loves Thin Mints
    Girl Scout cookie time brings Trefoil Shortbread to Conservatives; Liberals snatch up the Caramel deLites

There is significant common ground found between the two groups.
Conservatives and liberals both agree that a bacon double cheeseburger is a beautiful thing, and soft tacos will always beat crunchy ones. Sprinkles on ice cream and sugared rims on cocktail glasses are shared enemies. Romaine lettuce is the universal salad green of choice, and everyone likes a good hot dog.

If only congressional budgets and healthcare were this easy to agree on.

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