A Different Kind of Food TV.

We’ve been gorging on food shows.
Let’s be honest—what we watch is like so much junk food.

This is something new.
Food Forward has no celebrity chefs or anyone of the spokesmodel-pseudo-semi-chef ilk. There are no roguish bad boy types or cheeky Brits. We won’t be making over kitchens, egging on competitors, engaging in reality voyeurism, or bearing witness to stomach-churning displays of the gastronomically bizarre.

Food Forward follows Bay Area-based food writer Stett Holbrook as he circles the country in a vintage Airstream trailer, introducing viewers to constituents of America’s good food movement. Starting out in northern California, he’s hitting the road for the summer, film crew, wife, and two small children in tow. He will be introducing us to the new vanguard of food innovators; the producers, growers, chefs, farmers, scientists, community leaders, and teachers who are changing the way we eat.

Food Forward doesn’t dwell on the legion of ills associated with the industrial model of food production, leaving that to documentaries like Food, Inc. and King Corn. Instead, it explores themes like school lunches, urban agriculture, sustainable fishing, and pastured meats by celebrating the people who have succeeded in the creation of sustainable solutions. Each episode will showcase rural farmers, urban homesteaders, food festivals, and heroes of the DIY movement.

Food Forward is ‘penciled in’ to be broadcast on PBS stations this fall. In the meantime, you can follow the blog of the edible journey, currently traveling south through the Sierra foothills. There are key stops planned for Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Boulder, Austin, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Washington, D.C, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Seattle, and Portland; and plenty in between.



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