A Bunch of Things About Bananas


I’m all for leaving well enough alone when it comes to the banana.

I think bananas are just about perfect. Each comes in a neat, little package. It tells you when it’s ripe without any of the sniffing or thumping or squeezing required by other fruits. There’s a handy pull tab when you’re ready to open it. And it consistently delivers as promised– who’s ever heard of a dud?

For those of you who believe there’s always room for improvement, I give you a round-up of the latest banana innovations.


The Banana Bunker, the Banana Guard, and the Banana Saver are all variations on a phallic-shaped plastic sheath that protects your banana from turning into a fruity mush at the bottom of a lunch box. Just a little hungry? The Evriholder Nana Saver is dedicated storage for the half-banana-eater. The Banana Bag purports to hold a ripened banana in a state of suspension– two-plus weeks of yellow before it becomes overripe and blackens.


Are you burdening friends and strangers with your pleas for assistance? According to the Banana Splitter website : You can encounter a lot of problems when peeling a banana. First of all, you don’t want to dig in too hard because then you might make the top part all gooey. Second of all, you often wind up with banana on your fingers. But mostly, this is about not always having to ask the people around you to do you another favor.

Once you’re no longer a drag on society with your incessant banana-opening requests, you’re ready to move on to the slicing. Fortunately, Amazon stocks half a dozen dedicated devices that promise to make banana slicing easy and effortless.


A few popsicle sticks, a bag of chocolate chips— what could be easier than making your own frozen chocolate-dipped bananas? Well, you can buy a banana pop kit containing… popsicle sticks and a bag of chips. And you can insert the sticks without fear when you use the popsicle stick slot guide built into the Banana Saver.For more ideas, check out the all-banana sites BananaRecipes.us, BananaRecipes.com, and BananaRecipes.net.


The eclectic blog Panther Red displays numerous forms of banana art including cartooning, furniture, and scrimshaw.

The London Bananas Project documents banana skins in situ, photographed where they’ve been discarded throughout the urban London landscape. Fresh, funny, and frequently startling, the archive contains over 2,000 images.

$10 buys you a lifetime membership to the International Banana Club. Based out of the world’s first and largest banana museum located in Altadena, California, the group sponsors banana-related events and activities throughout the year in addition to its popular exhibit at the California State Fair.

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  1. Janice says:

    Isn’t technology a beautiful thing?!

  2. Marilyn says:

    OMG..how did we manage when we were kids???

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