A Bumper Crop of Food Films


2009 was a very good year for food on film. When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced the nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Meryl Streep was nominated for Best Actress for Julie & Julia, and Food, Inc. was among the nominees for Best Documentary Feature. Both are landmark developments: Julie & Julia because of the brilliant convergence of two iconic women, Meryl Streep and Julia Child; and Food, Inc. for bringing food consciousness to a new level in the U.S.

The nominations are bringing viewers and attention to these two worthy films, but there are many more recent food-related films that should not be overlooked.

The French film French Roast, has been nominated for Best Animated Short Film, but has not gotten much notice from the food crowd. The film is set entirely in a small Parisian café. It tells the endearing tale of a grouchy fellow who discovers his wallet missing, and to delay confrontation with the cafe owner he drinks cup after cup of coffee to prolong his stay.

Food, Inc. showed the darker side of the food industry leaving many of us disgusted and discouraged. A number of films lend balance to that dismal look by focusing on the small battles being won in the struggle for a safe and sustainable food supply.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John encapsulates a food revolution in the tale of one family farm.

Fresh shows how individuals– food producers, consumers, all of us– are empowered to make a difference.

To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig celebrates farm stands and farmers markets from coast to coast.

What’s On Your Plate? has been called the 11-year old’s take on the Omnivore’s Dilemma. It follows two New York schoolgirls on a journey to find out where their food comes from.

And just for fun…

Meryl Streep’s performance in Julie & Julia was not the first Golden Globe win for a food-oriented film. Here’s a list of nine other winners.

Sometimes we just want cinematic eye candy. Rebecca Epstein from the UCLA Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media compiled Gastronomica’s list of top cinematic food moments.

Do you think you know your foodie films? Test your knowledge with one of Fun Trivia’s quizzes of food and drink in movies.


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3 Responses to A Bumper Crop of Food Films

  1. Janice says:

    I think you would especially enjoy ‘Farmer John.’ One man against big ag, and just a good piece of entertainment on top of it.

  2. Smokey says:


    I heartily agree with your first two films,,,very good (and disgusting, but educational)

    My dear wife (of 28 years…I married WAY over my head:) literally dragged me to “Julie and Julia”…It was very entertaining!

    I am still trying to get my hands on a copy of “Fresh”.

  3. Alexa says:

    I have to tell you how delighted I am to be getting your updates via email. I always know that it’s worth my time to read what you have to say. I’m very impressed with what you are posting and the energy behind it. I look forward to seeing some of the more “positive” documentaries you mentioned above. Thanks for the great material. Have a great weekend!


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