1 in 10 Americans is Employed by a Restaurant


Forget about manufacturing, healthcare, and technology; the real jobs are in food.
According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants have added more than 560,000 jobs in the past year, with 200,000 of those positions created in the last six months. Restaurant employment now stands at 180,000 jobs above the pre-recession peak.

This year we’ll spend $1.7 billion per day on restaurant meals.
That’s 48% of all our food spending. Consumer spending and employment growth in the restaurant industry have outpaced the rest of the economy for 13 straight years, and they’re expected to keep growing with 1.4 million new positions added in the next decade.

Jobs for everyone
Half of all adults—60 million Americans—have worked in restaurants at some point in their lives. One in three workers got their first job experience in a restaurant, and for one in five of us, it was a McDonald’s.

Restaurants are a vital part of our lifestyle and our economy. Do your part for America—eat out more often.


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